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Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates Comparison review
Fire Emblem, a very popular and rather unique JRPG that uses turn based strategy as its core gameplay. Starting off on the NES in 1990 in Japan the series quickly grew in popularity in Japan and over seas. Though Fire Emblem never made it to US until Fire Emblem the Blazing sword for the Game Boy Advance on November 3rd 2003 and as expected was as just as much of hit over here as it was in Japan. Fire Emblem evolved and became more popular as more games came out up to the now Fire Emblem Fates which was to be the crowning achievement of the series with its battle system, characters and choosing the destiny of the stories outcome.
That ended up being a major lie as Fates, in all honesty, is a poor excuse for a Fire Emblem, which really upsets me saying so because I was really looking forward to this game with its new story and characters and changes to the combat.
Now as the title says this a comparison review but I’m only going to compare it to Awakening, the game that came out b
:iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness 3 55
King Gaius vs Lord Ryoma :iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness 5 29 Trillion God of Destruction Limited Edition :iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness 4 8 Ragnarok Reference Sheet :iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness 35 87 Neptunia V2 Limited Edition Box Set :iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness 5 15 My OC Ragnarok (Makeover) :iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness 94 38
Fate/Extra CCC Top four best servants.
Just sort of something I wanted to do mostly from boredom but thought it would still be fun to do.
In the Japanese PSP game, Fate/Extra CCC is a sequel to Fate/Extra. The game is a spinoff to the visual novel and anime Fate/Stay Night. You have a choice between three in Extra and four in CCC, thats what I’m going over, the four you can select in CCC. Since you only have four, I’m going to rank them from worse to best from the four.
The servants available are Saber, Archer, Caster, and Gilgamesh. So here we go.
Number 4 - The Servant to take the number four spot as the worse Archer.
Now don’t start attacking me right away because of this. I don’t hate Archer, he is honestly one of the most badass characters in anime.  Unfortunately his badassery didn’t really transfer over to the game. First his skills and his positives.
Pre-Projection - MP cost 10 -
Its his trace skill, this skill adds a trace counter next to his HP, he needs to use this
:iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness 1 10
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Hacka Doll 3 MMD DL :iconsaryta-chan:Saryta-Chan 68 15


Hello everyone, I know I am not one to do this kind of thing but its starting to get on my nerves, so here it is:

For almost a year now :iconpayton1995: has been harassing my friends and I (and of course, other people that I do not personally know) - I have confronted him once and honestly thought it was all over but nope. I noticed he started to do it all over again of which I found out recently that he has been randomly stalking my and sending notes to my friends about me...

Here is complete, legitimate evidence of all this annoyance:

I beg for you all to not give in into his sympathy or his pity, as it is nothing more than a false delusion to get what he wants...
And please spread this journal and awareness and let the deviantART staff know about this user... I have already have him a direct and clear chance but it seems to have not worked... ><

Fate/Extella Noble Phantasm Box (re shot)
I re shot the pictures I took for the Fate/Extella Noble Phantasm edition and ll its goodies with slightly better lighting and quality this time!

The main picture here is the box holding all the nice little trinkets inside of it. The box has a nice reflective surface to it that has the game title and a nice illustration of space with the weapons of the 16 main servants laid about on the front!

The following links below lead to the item goodies, I have more details for the items in the descriptions of each so read those please for the info on each!

Here is item 1 from the box:

Here is item number 2 displayed in three separate sets, try to bear with the quality, Vita sucks with taking pictures!:
Set 1:
Set 2:
Set 3:

Heres is item number 3 displayed in three parts:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

And here is the final item:

Hopefully you all enjoyed this share and the items that came with it! Fate/Extella is a pretty awesome game and I pretty much recommend it especially to fans of the Fate/Stay series! ^^
Dec 22, 2016
:iconragnarok-dragoness:Ragnarok-Dragoness has changed their username (formerly Caster45)



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Hey, how are you? Been meaning to watch you for a while now. Als your OC is very cute. I love dragons: From big and ugly monstrous ones (Like Tiamat and Eizen from Zestiria or Ridley from Metroid) to cute little dragon-girls like Tohru and Kanna in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. :)
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Ragnarok-Dragoness Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
Sorry I just don't have the time for them anymore or really the interest.
Ninethousandfanfics Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017

Well, I hope you get your interest back someday.  I'd have loved to try a Madoka, Nanoha, Yuki Yuna, or Dog Days RP with you.
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Thanks for the watch.
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